A Wonder Woman Statue That’ll Make You Spin with Delight

Before Gal Gadot took up the golden Lasso of Truth and bullet-deflecting bracelets of Diana, Princess of Themyscira, there was Lynda Carter – the OG (or Original Goddess) Wonder Woman.

For so many of us, Carter was Wonder Woman – gorgeous, powerful, and smart.

Tweeterhead hasn’t forgotten her greatness and is pleased to present the Wonder Woman Season 1 Lynda Carter Maquette Statue honoring the classic, formative television series and its beguiling leading lady.

Crafted of durable polyresin, Diana stands 13 1/2-inches tall atop a rounded base in one of her signature poses: hands defiantly on her hips and feet planted, challenging all comers with a direct stare.

Every detail of Carter’s original run – from her star-spangled short shorts and golden eagle breastplate to her silver cuff bracelets and golden lasso – have been recreated exactly.

This Wonder Woman is sure to fly off in her invisible jet soon, so be sure to pre-order today!



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