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Majora’s Mask Comes to Life as a Stunning Replica


In 2000, Nintendo was still riding the wave that was made by the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game two years earlier. The breakthrough game is still considered by many to be the greatest game of all time. Following up that landmark episode wasn’t going to be easy, and we knew that Nintendo would try to do things a little differently. The game that came along was something entirely unexpected. Now considered another of the greatest Legend of Zelda games ever made, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is unique from every perspective, deriving very little from anything that came before it. Among the legendary innovations was the amazing breakthroughs in design that created characters and props unlike any that had been seen before, especially the titular item.

Now you can bring Majora’s Mask home in a way you’ve never imagined with this Majora’s Mask Life Sized Replica. Standing 25-inches tall, this stunning work of art takes the legendary tribal mask and brings it to the real world in rich detail never seen before. Every beautiful feature seen on the mask in the game is here and on display. There are even LEDs in the eyes that allow it to glow ominously, like the face of the moon as it comes crashing down on the land. The central item of one of Zelda‘s darkest entries can become the central piece of your collection.

Quantities are limited, so getting a hold of one won’t be simple. However, you won’t have to wrestle Skull Kid for this, and you won’t have to relive the same three days over and over again, either, you can simply pre-order it now from Entertainment Earth!





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