Map Transwarp Conduits and Chart Uncharted Space

Borg Sphere

Raise shields and arm the photon torpedoes before this Star Trek Borg Sphere Monitor Mate – 2014 Toy Fair Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow! destroys the ship!

Our warehouse crew found more of these rare exclusives tucked away and we’re proud to present them to you! These limited edition Borg Spheres were previously available at Toy Fair 2014 but now they’re available for you to add to your collection!

With its limited edition Toy Fair color striped base, this exclusive collectible makes a great addition to your Star Trek collection! It measures about 2-inches in diameter and stands about 3-inches tall including its base.

The detailed resin figure presents a patchwork of tubes and conduits in black, silver, and green. The base features the Star Trek: First Contact logo.

Resistance is futile. Order your own exclusive piece of the Collective at Entertainment Earth!

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