Mark Wahlberg is the Inflation Adjusted Six Billion Dollar Man

Yes, you read that right. Billion, not million.

A film reboot of the popular television series from the 1970s, The Six Million Dollar Man, has joined the 21st century with a massive price increase (adjusted for inflation, of course). The film is set to reunite Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg, who most recently worked together on The Lone Survivor. Wahlberg will play the lead character, Steve Austin, an astronaut who’s turned into a cyborg after a terrible accident, and then becomes a secret agent. Because that’s what all humans-turned-cyborgs become.

Little else is known about The Six Billion Dollar Man. It doesn’t even have a release year. It’s not widely known among younger audiences, but perhaps Wahlberg and Berg are hoping that nostalgia combined with a sleek, modern take on the franchise will make this new film a hit.

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The Six Million Dollar Man 1970s Introduction



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