Asgardian Iron Man Suit by Prince Armory Is Truly a Creation of Wonder


Prince Armory is a company that works to offer “the pinacle of fine hand crafted armor, costumes, and leather products.” They do custom orders to create stunning armor from genuine leather and brass hardware.

Sometimes, they even create suits of armor based on your favorite comics characters like Aquaman and Medieval Loki.

One of their most recent creations is an Iron Man suit done in the style of Asgardian armor. The result is truly breathtaking.

The scarlet and gold color scheme gives it the traditional Iron Man look, but once you notice all the Asgardian details, your jaw will drop. Everything is considered in this suit, with no piece left untouched.

Check out the gold wings on the helmet, similar to Thor’s, as well as all the Asgardian symbolism that adorns the suit.

This is definitely one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen – and this is only one suit! The company has several more, which you can check out on their website or Facebook.

What do you think of this awesome Asgardian Iron suit? Let us know in the comments!




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