Stylish Black Widow Costume Jacket


No matter what iteration of Natasha Romanoff is your favorite, all Black Widow fans can agree that the super spy/assassin is the lady hero we all want and need. From her comic book roots all the way to her big screen adventures, she continues to inspire a brave confidence, whether she’s only pretending to know everything or not

With her confidence and ability comes a killer sense of style. Whether it’s her every day wear or her tactical attire, Natasha Romanoff is always the best dressed. Looking your best doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice function, either. Coming from the Black Widow Program and the clutches of the U.S.S.R, Nat never dons anything that she can’t defend herself or her partners in.

You can carry that style and functionality with you wherever you go with this replica costume Black Widow jacket. Directly from Captain America: Civil War, this jacket was recreated with original patterns form the film. Keeping with the idea of both form and function, the jacket features to front pockets and a middle zip. The faux leather and netted nylon build a lovely and durable jacket completed with the Widow symbol belt.

This prop replica jacket also comes with a special surprise – a pair of your very own Widow Bites to complete your assassin attire. So, next time you need a spot of confidence, wrap yourself in your favorite S.H.I.E.L.D Agent’s jacket, and go get the job done, Romanoff style. Just don’t kill anyone.




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