Marvel Comics Embraces Cosplay Community with New Variant Covers


Variant covers are a fun way to show creativity in the comics industry. They’re just what they sound like: covers differing from the mainline ones, such as DC’s Bombshells covers.

Marvel’s launching a new variant series starting in October showcasing something we’ve never seen before: cosplay.

David Gabriel, Marvel’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, commented on the new series:

“Cosplayers are taking over. Each convention I go to, it seems like there are more and more fans dressing up like their favorite Marvel characters. These homemade, hand-crafted costumes are so elaborate, it looks like they leapt off the comic page. The Cosplay Variant initiative is our way of supporting a community that supports us.”

It’s true – cosplay is becoming a bigger thing every year in this community and it’s awesome to recognize and support them in this unique way.

There are 21 covers in total, featuring the likes of Captain America to Spider-Woman to the Inhumans and Iron Man. The photography was done by DJ Judy (who’s also cosplaying Captain Marvel here).

Here’s the full list and you can check out the covers in the gallery below:

1. A-Force #1 featuring Jay Justice
2. All-New Inhumans #1 featuring Yaya Han
3. Amazing Spider-Man #1 featuring Aaron Rivin
4. Astonishing Ant-Man #1 featuring SoloRoboto Industries
5. Avengers #0 featuring by Michael Cox
6. Captain Marvel #1 featuring by Judy Stephens
7. Daredevil #1 featuring Patrick ‘Rick’ Lane
8. Doctor Strange #1 featuring Allen Lee Hansard
9. Extraordinary X-Men #1 featuring Amanda Lynne Shafer
10. Guardians of the Galaxy #1 featuring Contagious Costuming
11. Invincible Iron Man #1 featuring Dale Oliver
12. Ms. Marvel #1 featuring Soni Balestier
13. Nova #1 featuring Cap Santiago
14. Sam Wilson Captain America#1 featuring Eddie Newsome
15. Spider-Gwen #1 featuring Kathrine Zan
16. Spider-Woman #1 featuring Yashuntafun Cosplay
17. The Mighty Thor #1 featuring Sarah Jean Maefs
18. The Mighty Thor #2 featuring Kevin Spooner
19. Uncanny Avengers #1 featuring Miss Kit Quinn
20. Uncanny Inhumans #1 featuring Kalel Sean

What do you think of these variant covers? Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!




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