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The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen Is Waiting for You!

The first big hit of the Netflix MCU was Daredevil. Fans clamored to see if the first season would redeem this beloved character’s story after the 2003 Ben Affleck film failed so miserably. Those fans who gave it a chance rejoiced in the show’s brilliance, drama, action, and accuracy in telling Matt Murdock’s story. The blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen also sought justice outside of the courtroom when he donned the red mask of the vigilante Daredevil. The success of the initial season of Daredevil has led to second season, an announced third season, and fans clamoring for more. Here’s your chance to own more with the new Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil figure!

The Marvel Select line is synonymous for quality and detailed figures, and now they’ve given us a figure based on the Netflix design of the Daredevil character. The costume is what we see Matt don at the start of season two and features the likeness of Charlie Cox himself! The 7-inch figure has 16 different points of articulation, a pair of billy clubs, and a detailed base, which is taken from the elevator scene from the season premiere.

Doesn’t take someone with 20/20 vision to see that any Marvel Daredevil fan needs this figure. Pre-order now and spare yourself the wrath of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.



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