Experience the Sounds of the Universe with Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers

Doctor Who Speakers

When you’re traveling through space and time, jamming out is a must. There’s no better way to do this than with Massive Audio’s Doctor Who Wireless Bluetooth Speakers!

These detailed and multi-faceted speakers will impress any Whovian.

There are three speakers total: a TARDIS, an assault Dalek, and Dalek Sec. All three will pair with most any Bluetooth device and feature LED indicators to let you know when you power the device on and when you’re connected (such as the TARDIS’ Police Box sign and the Daleks’ antennae and eye stalks).

The TARDIS (standing for Time and Relative Dimension in Space) has six audio clips to indicate connection and activity: materialize, dematerialize, cloister bell, flight, and turbulence. It stands 8 1/2-inches tall.

Watch out for those Daleks! They measure 8-inches tall and also have six audio clips: exterminate, gun, reinitializing, power down, good Dalek, and override.

All the speakers have a multifunctional interface (check out the bottom of the TARDIS and Daleks to see the buttons!) and come with an auxiliary cable and USB charging cable.

You can even have a phone call on your TARDIS or Dalek! If someone calls, the speaker will ring and you can speak into it and hear the person on the other end.

If you simply can’t decide between speakers, don’t worry, there are two packs, one with the TARDIS and Dalek Sec and the other with both Daleks! These speaker packs also come with a bonus Dalek Victory poster and Doctor Who window decal.

Get out there and experience the sounds of the universe in the best way possible! The Doctor Who Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with free shipping and an expected arrival of June 2015.

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TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker

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Dalek Sec Speaker

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Assault Dalek Speaker

» Pre-Order Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Sec Bluetooth Speaker Pack

TARDIS Dalek Speaker Pack

» Pre-Order Doctor Who Dalek Sec and Assault Dalek Bluetooth Speaker Pack

Dalek Speaker Pack



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