Blast Your Music Through Snazzy Kirk and Spock Bluetooth Speakers

Star Trek Massive Audio Speakers

If there’s one lasting legacy of Star Trek: The Original Series, it isn’t the wonderful characters or imaginative storylines. As influential as those elements were, it’s really Star Trek‘s design elements that have had the biggest impact on our world today. If it weren’t for scanners, phasers, communicators, and all the other gadgets and computers from Star Trek, our world would look a lot different these days. Everything from iPads to Kindles to AI’s in our phones were wildly influenced by the forward thinking, sleek design of the king of all science-fiction television series.

Now, modern design is paying back with these practical and collectible Kirk and Spock Bluetooth speakers. That’s right, taking a step away from simply copying the design elements found on the USS Enterprise, the folks at FameTek have taken the two most iconic characters and made them into their latest tech product.

Celebrate the greatest captain in Starfleet history with the Star Trek Captain Kirk Bluetooth Speaker. This clever, cute speaker depicts Captain James T. Kirk in his classic gold uniform, holding a phaser in one hand a Tribble in the other. The handsome outer casing conceals a high powered speaker and a omni-directional microphone for playing your music or conducting your phone calls.

Or, if you want to make a more logical choice, you can pick up the Star Trek Mr. Spock Bluetooth Speaker. Spock, wearing his blue science officer’s tunic, is giving you the classic Vulcan greeting with one hand and has a Tricorder strapped on. Mr. Spock sports the same speaker and microphone qualities as his captain, as well.

But, you might not want to just choose one! Both speakers have an added feature, making each excitingly individual. Each speaker comes pre-loaded with nine sound clips, taken directly from the CBS audio library. With the push of a button, you can hear Kirk command to, “Set phasers on stun!” or, “Prepare to attack!” Or, you can hear Spock express his fascination, or tell you to “Live long and prosper.”

With a wireless range of 33 feet, and an included audio cable to connect non-Bluetooth enabled devices, these speakers won’t let you down with functionality. The sound coming from the 6-inch speakers is sure to impress you. These are high quality and unique collector’s items that you won’t want to miss out on, so head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order them today!

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