Ladies, Strike a Pose With These DC Super Hero Girls Items!

For all of the fledgling crime-fighters out there, Mattel’s latest line of DC Super Hero Girls toy weapons is just what any superheroine needs.

For the Amazons out there, the Wonder Woman Shield neatly combines both defense and offense. The golden shield featuring Diana’s iconic emblem launches plastic discs (5 of which are included) up to 22 feet! The plastic shield is 11 3/4-inches in diameter and fits on most children’s arms.

Those who prefer brains and training over magical powers will love this one: the Batgirl Utility Belt is the most important piece of equipment any Caped Crusader could own. Six snaps/holes ensures a wide range of fits. Press the button on the belt buckle to activate lights, sound effects, and signature phrases from the DC Super Hero Girls series. The phone features secret messages stored inside, there’s a removable pouch in a hidden compartment to store any evidence collected, and 3 plastic discs will come in handy should any baddies attack.

Teamwork is a must when fighting crime, so be sure to pick up the Wrist Communicators. Each pack includes two watch-style walkie-talkies — just turn the dial to the image of the teammate you’re communicating with to activate.

And last but certainly not least is the Slingshot Flying Glider Case. Capable of flying up to 22 feet, each glider comes with a slingshot mechanism that’s super easy to use. Just load the glider, pull back, and release. Whether you’re aiming at targets, competing for distance, or just acting out superhero adventures, these gliders make for scads of fun for up to four players at a time.

Each toy is recommended for ages 6+, and are just the thing for some superpowered summer fun, so pre-order today!

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