Forget Siri, Barbie Is Your New Favorite Virtual Assistant

Barbie is a mainstay in the world of children’s toys. She’s been around seemingly forever and her name is known across the globe. She’s stood the test of time and now with the advances in technology, she’s available to you in hologram form!

Hello Barbie Hologram brings Barbie to life like never before with a simulated holographic experience that’s both educational and entertaining. With the companion app and some WiFi, it’s ready in seconds. Barbie will respond to voice commands essentially replacing Siri or Alexa. She can host a dance party or challenge you and your friends to some games. You can change Barbie’s appearance, play music, and she can even tell you the weather. She has eight different avatars which feature unique styles so she can fit any mood you’re feeling.

The Hello Barbie Hologram promises hours of fun with different experiences every time you turn it on. Every Barbie fan will want one so don’t delay and get yours now! Barbie’s waiting!



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