Like Making Things? Have We Got the ThingMaker for You!


Kids have always rejoiced in the act of creativity. The only thing more fun than playing has always been making the stuff you play with. This is why LEGO, Play-Doh, and other creative toys are a perennial hit. But there are other classics, too. Way back in the 1960’s, there was an amazing toy called the ThingMaker, and with it, you could create Creepy Crawlers to bother your sister and parents. Now that we are securely in the future, the ThingMaker has gotten an amazing 21st Century makeover.

If you like to make things, Mattel’s ThingMaker is the only toy you need. It’s the only toy that you need, because with it, you can make all the toys that you can imagine. Yes, you can create your own toys in the comfort of your own home with a real 3D printer!

ThingMaker has a completely original and easy to use start-to-finish process of designing, creating, and producing your very own toys. The compelling and user-friendly experience lets you design toys or use templates for pre-designed toys through the ThingMaker App. You can choose from a huge variety of toys, including action figures, dolls, jewelry, and more. You can build from templates or design your very own from scratch.

This may be the easiest, most user-friendly 3D printer on the market today. Mattel has married the classic ThingMaker toy with modern technology in the way that only they can. This is the most fun and intuitive manufacturing experience that can be pre-ordered on Entertainment Earth today!




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