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These Rick and Michonne Action Figures Will Help You Keep the Walkers at Bay

Rick and Michonne have been to hell and back throughout the zombie apocalypse. Now, these stunning effigies are yours to take home with The Walking Dead Rick Grimes and Michonne Action Figures.

The hardened Sheriff’s Deputy, Rick Grimes, will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. From overtaking a prison full of walkers, to escaping from a cult of cannibals, he will stop at nothing to make sure that his loved ones make it out alive. This figure comes complete with Rick’s iconic Colt Python revolver, walkie-talkie, and a stylized display base.

Michonne was once a fierce loner. With only her two incapacitated walkers by her side, she roamed the land seeking to take out as many zombies as possible. Her hard edges began to soften once she discovered Rick and his fellow survivors. Now that she has her found family by her side, she’ll face any foe to protect them. This figure includes Michonne’s legendary katana and a stylized display base.

Both of these action figures stand about 7-inches tall, feature multiple points of articulation, and come packaged in a numbered, collector-friendly window box.

Pre-order your set now with Entertainment Earth and enjoy these collectibles in August 2016!

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Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure



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