You’ll be Weirded Out by Babababa Sofubi Figures

Babababa Sofubi Vinyl Figures

Imagine this: You’re on a dark street at night and you feel like somebody or something is following you. Your turn around and see… No, wait. You’re minding your own business, getting ready for your day. Nothing is strange, so far as you can tell, but you feel like you’re being watched. You turn, look in the mirror and see… Let’s try this one different way. You’re a kid, in bed, trying to fall asleep. You keep telling yourself that these noises are nothing – there’s nothing under your bed (but don’t check anyway) and nothing coming out of your closet. But wait! What is that shadow standing in the dark? Could it be…

Only Babababa Chocomint and Babababa Giragame could bring you such surprise and horror. The elements of light and shadow come together to create an actual, tangible embodiment of human fear in the form of these strange creatures. That’s right: human fear made real by light and shadow! So tell me…why are they so cute?

You can now bring these adorable little embodiments of human fear home with Medicom’s fascinating Babababa Chocomint Sofubi Vinyl Figure and Babababa Giragame Sofubi Vinyl Figure. These figures have a lot in common, including the head-tusks, frighteningly cute faces, and huggable bodies. Chocomint looks rather like his name, a minty creature that has been coated in dark chocolate, while Giragame is all glittery darkness, a true mix of light and shadow.

These vinyl figures are made from soft PVC and stand about 4 inches tall. They are designed by Chishima Kounosuki and they make an fantastic other-worldly addition to your vinyl collection. Not on shelves yet, these two unique figures can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth!

Babababa Chocomint Sofubi Vinyl Figure Babababa Giragame Sofubi Vinyl Figure



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