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Kick-Ass and Hit Girl Action Figures Are Ready to Take Some Names

Kick-Ass 2 Action Figures

Have fear. They’re here. Who? None other than Kick-Ass 2 Real Action Heroes action figures from Medicom!

All beefed up and ready to beat some bad guy butt, Kick-Ass dons his familiar bright green and yellow bodysuit. With actor Aaron Johnson’s characteristically tough façade, Kick-Ass is fully articulated and features plenty of detail.

The figure has a head sculpt by Kyoichi Shimazaki, accessory parts made by Perfect-Studio, and a costume fashioned by Yumiko Noda. His accessories include his signature stick weapon and additional hands. He measures about 12-inches tall with a display stand.

Accompanying Kick-Ass on his missions is the one and only Hit Girl. Raised by Big Daddy to be an assassin and vigilante, she’s tough and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Her figure measures 11 3/4-inches tall and has realistic facial features based on actress Chloe Moretz as well as authentic props (primarily her weapons) and a cloth costume, highlighting her chosen color of purple.

Shape up for a kick-ass good time with these great figures! They are currently available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping. Hit Girl is expected to arrive in August 2015.

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