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Funko Pop!s have become perennials in the collecting world, appealing to avid and casual toy fans alike. One of their most endearing qualities, besides the endless range of characters they’ve covered, is how the range has constantly re-invented itself. The standard classic Pop! has been utilized for Deluxe Sets, Pop! Vinyl Moments, Black Light editions, Pop! Album sets, Pop! Poster sets for your favorite movie one sheets, Pop! Sodas, even Pop!s with candy inside! And now they’re doing it again with the Funko Bitty Pop!, and it’s a whole new world for Pop! Vinyls.

Funko Pop! vs. Funko Bitty Pop!: What’s the difference?

Funko Bitty Pop!s take the collectability of Pop!s into another scale. The Funko Bitty Pop! is micro-sized, about one inch in scale, and each set will come with three default figures and, even more collectible, a mystery Bitty Pop!. Now, if you’re like me, you find yourself having to pick and choose which Pop!s you’re going to collect, because there are just so many to choose from. But if, like me, you also love A LOT of stuff, that gets complicated! When the world of Pop! covers animation, comic books, live action, music, anime, comedy and more… it’s un uphill climb.

The Funko Bitty Pop! is micro-sized, about one inch in scale, and each set will come with three default figures and, even more collectible, a mystery Bitty Pop!.

Comparison between Pop! Vinyl Figure and Bitty Pop!

Which characters will be available in the Funko Bitty Pop!s line?

The inaugural waves for Funko Bitty Pop!s will showcase the Harry Potter characters (Hermione, Harry, Ron, Draco, Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Hedwig the Owl), and then classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, Daisy and Donald, Chip and Dale and Pluto, with more to come. The combination of a mini scale, random mystery figs, and favorite characters getting the Bitty treatment will be an irresistible mix that’ll give Funko Pop!s a whole new dimension of collectability.

The Funko Bitty Pop! is to scale with Lego Mini Figure displays, so you can have two collectible worlds collide. The Funko Bitty Pop! would fit neatly into the hands of your 1/6 scale figures too, and the Funko Pop! world is fun for all ages, so these are the perfect collectible for kids to carry around and trade. Funko have done it again and seem to have found a new way to carry on the grand tradition that’s taken the world by storm since the Funko Pop! first launched. For me, I predict the Funko Bitty Pop!s will be my new collecting obsession, as the characters will be never ending and space won’t be an issue!

Goofy Bitty Pop!, being unboxed from the case.

Bitty Pop! features a removeable case.

Harry Potter and Dobby Bitty Pop!

Bitty Pop! can be stacked!

What’s the best way to display Funko Bitty Pop! figures?

Now with Funko Bitty Pop!s, space isn’t an issue! Each Bitty also comes in it’s own little acrylic display case which won’t get damaged, and even better, the cases can be stacked different ways so you can customize your display. The Funko Bitty Pop! can also be removed from it’s tiny case and the bases of the boxes can be used as display stands for the Bitty. That’s a ton of play variety in an itty-Bitty package! Collect them, stack them, display them!


A Bitty Pop! being put in the top of the case

Bitty Pop! fit into a case.

A case of 4 Funko Bitty Pop!s being stored in the front pocket of a backpack

Take Bitty Pop!s anywhere you go!

Sneak Peek of the Funko Bitty Pop Collectibles from London Toy Fair 2023

It’s clear there is already a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming release of these miniature Bitty Pop!s collectibles. A few candid images and even some mini-videos have started sneaking their way online to YouTube and Instagram courtesy of super fans from the London Toy Fair 2023. While the shots are not all in the best quality, they sure give us something to get excited about! There is definitely one place people will be able to go to buy Funko Bitty Pop!s the moment they become available for purchase: Entertainment Earth,  a premier Funko partner, top Funko Distributor, and preferred online retailer for all Funko items, toys & collectibles.

Funko Bitty Pop Collectibles
Have you seen the New Bitty POP! Mini Teaser from Funko?



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