Complete Your Gantz:O Cosplay with This Master Product XGun!

Gantz:O XGun

You know what they say: speak softly and carry a big stick.

Or – in this case – a big honkin’ gun.

Springing straight off the screen and into your sci-fi and anime collection is Megahouse’s Gantz:O Master Product XGun, a screen accurate and hyper-realistic weapon replica from the new anime action film Gantz:O.

Measuring approximately 9 3/4-inches and weighing in at a substantial 1 1/2 pounds, the XGun features a high tech screen readout and a matte finish. It not only looks heavy duty, but feels real, too.

It’s just the thing to round out a serious Gantz:O cosplay, and will look fantastic in any sci-fi weapon collection. Order now and we’ll ship this hand cannon come spring.




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