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Break out the Modeling Glue, This Metal Gear Solid Collectible Isn’t Going to Build Itself!

1200x630_metalgear_modelkitThe most advanced and aggressive Mech to ever walk a fictional world, Metal Gear Solid gave us the Metal Gear REX to fear. With nearly impenetrable armor and an arsenal of weapons unmatched by any other force, taking out this bad boy is necessary to save the planet. That’s bad news for any video game hero, but great news for those who love a challenge.

This Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear REX Model Kit is also for people who like a challenge. Made of 600 pre-colored pieces, the assembly is recommended only for those who have built a few models from complex kits before. The effort takes concentration, but the reward is astounding.

Standing 9-inches tall, sporting highly armored legs, an array of Gatling guns, missiles, lasers, and of course a huge railgun capable of sending a nuclear war head to any place on the planet, this Metal Gear REX is without peers. At 1:100 scale, this kit is highly detailed and intricately designed by Yoji Shinkawa. Adding this model to your collection is an absolute must for all Metal Gear Solid fanatics, but not all of them may be up for the absorbing project. You can pre-order yours today at Entertainment Earth!




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