It’s Never Too Early to Get Spooky with the Living Dead Dolls

he Living Dead Dolls Series 32 Set

For those of us with Halloween hearts, October doesn’t last nearly long enough. Why should Samhain be a single month affair? Anything can be horror-tastic in the right light, after all.

There’s a lot of talk about keeping Christmas in your heart year-round, but I think most of us have to agree: All Hallows’ Eve (and its spooky trappings) is far more interesting and fun.

The Living Dead Dolls always have the right idea, and this year everybody’s favorite creepy cuties are embracing the best holiday of the year – throwback style.

The Living Dead Dolls Series 32 Set will be lurching, crawling, flying, and stalking into your collection in old-school Halloween costumes harkening back to a simpler, more terrifying time.

As always, they come packaged in their own individual coffins with personalized death certificates. Each character stands 10-inches tall with 5 points of articulation for easy posing and wear real cloth clothing.

Ghouls, demonic ghosts, devils, skeletal butchers — even a black cat witch or two. The Living Dead Dolls cover the gamut of the horror spectrum and are sure to liven up any collection, nicely bridging that gap between cute as hell and just plain hellish.

Pre-order now with free shipping and we’ll make sure these little trick or treaters are on your doorstep this October.

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Living Dead Dolls Series 32



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