The Living Dead Dolls Greet the Dawn of the Dead

Living Dead Dolls Zombies

Straight from George A. Romero’s ultimate zombie classic, Dawn of the Dead, comes Mezco’s latest in their Living Dead Dolls line.

The Living Dead Dolls Dawn of the Dead Zombies Set features two of the most iconic undead characters from the film: The Plaid Shirt Zombie and Flyboy Zombie.

The Plaid Shirt Zombie is instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the distinctive movie poster, and appeared in a tense scene in the first half of the film. Designed by special effects maestro Tom Savini – who also appeared in the film as the looter Blades – the Plaid Shirt Zombie was inspired by napalm victims in the Vietnam War.

Flyboy – aka Stephen – went from living protagonist to undead threat in the film’s dramatic climax, and David Emge’s performance helped set the bar for future takes on the cannibalistic creatures with his distinctive lurching gait.

Plaid Shirt Zombie comes with an all-new head sculpt and newly sculpted torso that accurately mimics his rotting flesh from the movie, while Flyboy is wearing his blood-stained clothing and carries a handgun. Each doll stands 10-inches tall, wears real cloth clothing, has 5 points of articulation, and come packaged in collector friendly die-cut window boxes with Dawn of the Dead artwork.

These two undead dollies won’t hang around for long, so be sure to pre-order now before they shuffle off in search of a new mall to stalk.




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