The Night Michael Myers Came Home, to Your Home!

 Halloween fans. Horror movie fans. Michael Myers enthusiasts. Feast your eyes on this life-size, yes…LIFE-SIZE bust of the scariest killer this side of the Mississippi. Well, I’m sure the same goes for the other side of the Mississippi as well. Why are we talking about Mississippi?

This is the collectible item of all collectible items. No joke, you will feel like Laurie Strode in the original 1978 version of the film series. I think it’s best you don’t keep him on your bedroom dresser. Maybe cover him up at night? He’s scary, ok!

The detail and work that has gone into this bust is evident and is a limited-edition slice of pop culture history you’ll want to get your hands on!

If you dare order the Michael Myers Life-Size Bust before they run out!

  • Lifesize!
  • The definitive Michael Myers bust!
  • As he appeared in the iconic 1978 horror movie Halloween.
  • The psychotic killer stands 24-inches tall!
  • Limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide.

Happy Halloween! This is the definitive Michael Myers bust, as he appeared in the iconic 1978 horror movie Halloween. Constructed from fiberglass and mixed media, this incredible piece of art is painstakingly hand-painted to the finest detail. This amazingly detailed life-size bust captures the psychotic killer features synthetic hair and real fabric coveralls for added realism. It comes complete with a Halloween themed display base. The Halloween Michael Myers Lifesize Bust stands a terrifying 24-inches tall! It’s a limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide.



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