The Perfect Model Kit for Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders

Star Wars: A New Hope Millennium Falcon 1:72 Scale Perfect Grade Model Kit

Avid collectors of Star Wars memorabilia, figures and models will love this new model from Bandai. Never before has there been a more detailed and accurate re-creation of Han Solo’s iconic ship than this 1:72 scale perfect model kit of the Millennium Falcon as first shown in Star Wars: A New Hope.

In fact, the original movie studio model of the Millennium Falcon is what was used to recreate both the exterior and interior of the ship in amazing detail. This includes the cockpit and loading ramp, and even the ship’s hull damage, engineered with the use of Bandai’s color injection technology. The pieces of this 19-inch long model snap together easily and require no glue.  With its own dedicated display base, this must-have model kit is ready for pre-order now for shipping, free of charge, in March.

With a new Han Solo movie in the works for this year, what better way to celebrate than by adding the best Millennium Falcon model ever?



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