Create and Destroy like Never Before with These Keva Construction Sets


Remember a time when kids played creatively? Toys didn’t always walk, talk, speak, and interface with a smartphone—you used to have to play and create. Those days are back with these amazing Keva Construction sets!

Keva Planks have revolutionized toys using the simplest imaginable concept: perfectly uniformed, perfectly balanced construction blocks that can be used to make intricate feat of architectural engineering. Never before have you been able to make structures so tall, durable, and perfect as you can with Keva Planks. But Keva is taking their concept to a brand-new level.

These construction sets come with the perfect amount of planks, along with other gizmos and elements to make complex projects that work along with other Keva sets, or by themselves. The Keva Maker Bots Maze Construction Set lets you make complex mazes with Rube Goldberg elements. Or, set up a couple of block forts and battle it out with a Keva Catapult Construction Set and a Keva Trebuchet Construction Set! Whatever is left of your forts can be torn to the ground with the Keva Wrecking Ball Construction Set.

There is no end to the creativity that Keva allows. You can accentuate your collection with a Keva Construction Set, or get started with the Keva Structures 200 Piece Construction Set today! Pre-order your set today and get the creativity flowing at Entertainment Earth!

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» pre-order KEVA Maker Bots Maze Construction Set

Keva Maker Botz Maze Construction Set

» pre-order KEVA Catapult Construction Set

Keva Catapult Construction Set

» pre-order KEVA Trebuchet Construction Set

Keva Trebuchet Construction Set

» pre-order KEVA Wrecking Ball Construction Set

Keva Wrecking Ball Construction Set



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