Have Yourself a Minion Little Christmas


Get a little Bee-do for the holidays with the Despicable Me holiday ornaments!

MinionsThe Minions are ready to climb your tree as glass ball ornaments, figural ornaments, and even a plush ornament. These awesome pieces feature the beloved costumes and designs of the mischievous yellow creatures from the hit film Despicable Me.

Carl and Dave are dressing up, just for your holiday benefit! The resin figural ornaments feature your favorite Minions in their costumes from the movie. Check out the overall-wearing Dave and Carl Figural Ornament Set. But that’s not all because we also have French Maid Dave, Fire Alarm Carl, Fire Hose Dave, Golfer Dave, and Hula Dave as figural ornaments. How stinkin’ cute are the Minion figurals – just picture them hanging together as one magnificent display.

Of course, holiday decorating wouldn’t be the same without the classic glass ball ornament. If you’re worried about not finding Minion ball ornaments, fear no more! Check out these great glass ball ornaments: 1 in a Minion Gold Ornament, Love and Share Ornament 2-Pack, Green Ball Ornament, Minion Decal Silver Ornament, and Gold Ball Ornament Set (with Santa hats!). These glass ball ornaments combine classic holiday cheer with hearty Minion attitude.

For those with lively households, consider ordering the Carl Plush Ornament. Because it’s not made from glass or resin, you don’t have to worry about Carl breaking if he falls from your tree. This 5 inch ornament features a smiling Carl in a red Santa hat and his recognizable blue overalls.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and your decor won’t be complete with a Minion or two! Order these fantastic ornaments at Entertainment Earth.

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