Miss Mindy Takes over Wonderland

Miss Mindy is back with her whimsical folk art-meets-pop culture statues! Enesco has unveiled a new line from The World of Miss Mindy, and this series is straight from the wacky world of Wonderland!

First up is leading lady Alice, posing atop a colorful polka-dotted mushroom with her EAT ME cookie in hand. Bracketed by a sweetly smiling flower, Alice has a coy look on her face. She stands 6 1/10-inches tall.

Alice would have never found Wonderland if not for the White Rabbit, who perches atop his signature pocket watch and is dressed in his courtly page outfit, bugle to his lips as he announces the Queen’s entrance. Both the bugle and the Rabbit’s monocle boast a metallic sheen. He stands 4 1/10-inches tall.

The Queen’s court would be incomplete without the Ace of Hearts and 3 of Spades Cards, who stand guard with their spears at the ready. Both are grinning as they brandish their weapons, and can be posed next to each other or in a regimental line. They measure 5 3/10-inches tall x 4 9/10-inches wide.

Everybody’s favorite mischievous feline, the Cheshire Cat, grins down from his lime green toadstool at the miniaturized Alice while tipping his hat (er, ears), politely with a wink. He stands approximately 7-inches tall.

And, last but certainly not least, is the Queen of Hearts herself, looking rather sly as she peers up at Cheshire, who’s settled himself atop her crown. She’s dressed in her glorious harlequin dress and leans upon her flamingo croquet mallet, while her skirts reveal a mini diorama of her red-painted orchard. She stands about 10 ¾-inches tall, and built-in LED lights make the hearts in her dress glow!

Each World of Miss Mindy statue is made of durable, long-lasting stone resin and is hand painted with lots of love, so these make ideal heirlooms for any fan! Each is sold separately, so be sure to collect them all and bring a whimsical version of Wonderland to life in your collection!



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