We Saw These Miss Mindy Statues Once upon a Dream


Hot on the heels of her Beauty and the Beast and Snow White series of stylized statues, cartoon folk artist Miss Mindy is now tackling the 1959 Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.


We highly recommend you invite the Disney World of Miss Mindy Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Statue to your next party – we all know what happens when you don’t pay your respects to incredibly powerful fairies, especially if you’re a new parent.

Mal may be the “Mistress of All Evil” in some eyes, but we’ve all overreacted once or twice when someone’s thoughtlessness hurt our pride. The infamous dark fairy stands 10 1/4-inches tall and has been recreated in beautifully painted stone resin, clad in her distinctive black and purple gown and horned headdress. She’s eyeing her loyal raven, perched on her staff-like wand, and features an iconic scene from the animated classic on her skirt.


For those who prefer sugar to dark fairy dust, the Disney World of Miss Mindy Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora Statue charmingly re-imagines the bewitched beauty in her pink and gold-accented ballgown, bedazzled in Monarch butterflies and with her enchanted castle painted on her dress. She, too, is crafted from sturdy stone resin and stands 9 1/4-inches tall.

Pick your favorite or get the pair to accent any collection or fairy tale room, but be sure to pre-order soon. The enchanting duo may not arrive in stock until August, but they’re sure to disappear quickly in a puff of green smoke!



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