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Monchhichi Is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

Monchhichi started in Japan in 1974. The plush baby monkeys were extremely popular and eventually reached American shores in 1980. The Japanese cartoon, The Monchhichi Twins made Monchhichi madness grown in the East, while the American cartoon, produced by Hanna-Barbera had its finger on the pulse of the 80s Western childhood. Eventually, every side of the globe was caught up in Monchhichimania, the only baby doll toy of any species to rival the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids.

Whether you were an avid collector of the remarkable toys, a fan of the cartoon series, or if you missed the 80s altogether, you’ll adore this Monchhichi Girl Jumbo Plush doll. A familiar sight all the world over, this Monchhichi is wearing a red bow, a pink bib, and occasionally sucking her thumb. The main difference between this doll and the one that Santa brought you in 1981, is that instead of being 8-inches tall, this Monchhichi comes in at over 31-inches tall.

Yikes! This Monchhichi brings a whole new game to being oh-so-soft and cuddly. With this outrageous size, absolutely anyone (ages 3 and up) will fall in love with Monchhichi all over again. Coming very soon, it is available for pre-order today!



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