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Mondo’s New Batman: TAS Action Figure Is Unbelievably Detailed

Batman: The Animated Series 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Mondo has done it again with a brand new release of this Batman: The Animated Series 1:6 scale action figure. Everything about it is spectacular and brings this animated version of Batman to life. The colors are flawless, the sculpt is scaled to perfection, AND it’s articulated! All of these elements along with his excessive amounts of accessories make this a must-have for every fan of Batman. Let’s take a closer look below at all of the amazing highlights that make this figure a piece to add to your collection.

Looking at the animated version of Batman from the show had a very distinct look to him. This is shown in this new action figure with Batman’s broad shoulders that frame the full look of his character design. An old-school yellow and black bat symbol on his chest is a way to bring the old style into a new stylized character style. This is emphasized by a large yellow and black bat symbol on his stand along with the spectacular paint job. The prominent dark blue on gray is highlighted by lighter blue embellishments to give a shadowy effect. This little touch brings this animated figure to life.

The best part about this action figure is his 30 points of articulation and plethora of accessories. There are three interchangeable heads with different expressions. One is a stoic facial expression, another with a clenched jaw and a third with a determined expression. He also comes included with four interchangeable sets of hands that give him the ability to hold the many different weapons included. The weapons included are a grappling gun with a removable hook, batarangs, a cassette tape, and a taser gun. It’s an amazing amount of options that gives a wide range of possible posing options for fans of all kinds.

This Batman: The Animated Series 1:6 scale action figure has brought animation to life. Don’t waste any time place your order now to make sure he is part of your collection soon.

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