Get Retro with the 80s and Mondo’s Awesome Madballs Pins

Madballs Pins

Mondo’s bringing back the 80s with their fantastic Madballs enamel pins!

Depicting gross-out humor, Madballs was a series of rubber balls in the mid-80s from AmToy. They took off in popularity, earning two animated episodes and a comic series under Marvel’s subsidiary company, Star Comics.

Now Mondo is bringing the grotesque characters back as individual enamel pins so you can show off your love of Madballs with pride.

There are eight pins in total, featuring the Madballs logo as well as characters from the first series: Screamin’ Meemie, Aarg, Horn Head, Slobulus, Dust Brain, Oculus Orbus, and Skull Face.

They’re faithfully recreated so even the biggest of fans will be excited about them. Discovering collectibles from your childhood is always fun and these are great pieces for everyone. They’re available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in January 2016.

» See All Mondo Madballs Pins

» Pre-Order Madballs Logo Enamel Pin

Madballs Logo Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Screamin’ Meemie Enamel Pin

Madballs Screamin' Meemie Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Aarg Enamel Pin

Madballs Aarg Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Horn Head Enamel Pin

Madballs Horn Head Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Slobulus Enamel Pin

Madballs Slobulus Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Dust Brain Enamel Pin

Madballs Dust Brain Pin

» Pre-Order Madballs Oculus Orbus Enamel Pin

Oculus Orbus

» Pre-Order Madballs Skull Face Enamel Pin

Madballs Skull Face  Pin



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