Beautiful Mondo Spider-Gwen Art Print Comes to Life

From the moment she burst onto the scene, Spider-Gwen has been a hit with fans old and new. For many, it was great to see Spidey’s first girlfriend get to be her own hero, escaping yet another tragic demise. For others, it was her stylish look and fun flair that made her so great.

No matter the reason for all the love, the Spider-Gwen party shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. And Mondo has brought us another fab collector’s piece that shows off her spunky personality.

The Spider-Man Spider-Gwen High Rise Building Statue has captured our newest webslinger perched on the finial of a skyscraper. Thanks to 2 interchangeable hands, you get to choose the story: either she’s thwip-ing into a new fray with high-flying villains, or she’s taking a brief moment to commemorate a victory with a hard-earned selfie.

After all, she’s just carrying on the proud tradition of her old boyfriend, Peter Parker. Remember how he earned most of his living by shooting his own selfies to sell to J. Jonah Jameson?

And as just another personal touch, at the back of the high-rise finial is Gwen’s bag with her drumsticks in clear view.

Based on Phantom City Creative’s beautiful art print, this Spider-Gwen statue measures about 14 1/4-inches tall from base to outstretched hand. She’ll be slinging her way onto our shelves next March, but don’t delay and order now! Who knows what new drama will call her away before then?



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