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You Will Taste No Victory Without This Shao Kahn Action Figure!

The deadly announcer of the Mortal Kombat tournament is here, and he’s taking no prisoners. The final boss and toughest opponent is finally immortalized in this Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn 1:12 Scale Action Figure. This high-quality, no-expense-spared figure is ferocious. If you’re a collector of Mortal Kombat merch, or if you’re just a huge fan of the game, this must-have figure is beautiful and ready to lead the rest of your action figures into deadly battle.

Armed with his Wrath Hammer, Shao Kahn regularly sends his enemies flying with one blow, leaving them ineffective. This action figure is just as powerful. With intricate detail and careful attention to character design, this 1:12 scale figure is beyond compare. With his mighty Wrath Hammer, his imposing throne, and many interchangeable hands, Shao Kahn is a force to behold in any collection.

Storm Collectibles has been honing and refining their art in the action figure world for some time now. This Mortal Kombat figure marks the pinnacle of their success so far, with the kind of rich replication of details that you’ve come to expect from Storm Collectibles. Shao Kahn is one of the few characters who hasn’t changed over the years, making this the perfect collectible for fans of any iteration of the brutal fighting game series. Coming early next year, make this action figure yours by ordering today from Entertainment Earth!



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