Ms. Marvel to the Rescue in Avengers: Ultron Revolution


The third season of Avengers: Ultron Revolution on Disney XD is shaping up to be an exciting one. We know that the diversity of the characters is being substantially embiggened by the addition of Ms. Marvel to the cast. She’s one of the most exciting and modern super heroes out there and her appearance in the series suggests a greater profile for the character in the expanding Marvel Universe.

Ms. Marvel is the alter-ego of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teenager living in New Jersey. Her shapeshifting powers help her to fight evil and, evidently, to rescue her fellow Avengers from a confrontation with a powerful foe. Her appearance in animated form is widely anticipated, as she has swept print awards since her first comic book appearance in Captain Marvel #14.

Ms. Marvel is considered Marvel’s first Muslim superhero and their first superhero from Pakistani heritage. Unless I’m mistaken, she is also the first superhero to hail from the Garden State, as well, making her a real champion of diversity.

There is no confirmation about who plays the voice of Kamala Khan in the animated series. With this big step forward in providing role models for everyone, the Marvel Universe has created a character that anyone can love, and that many more people will soon know of.



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