Street Fighter’s Finest Get Made Over As Detailed Designer Mini-Figures

Street Fighter FIgures

Round one, fight!

Capcom’s legendary franchise Street Fighter gets the mini-figure treatment. This highly detailed Street Fighter Mini-Figure Set represents the classic World Warriors through the visionary art stylings of illustrator Miguel Wilson.

The Ryu mini-figure depicts Ryu’s power stance with his arms crossed and iconic red headband billowing in the wind. He’s on guard and ready to send a fiery Hadoken your way if he deems it necessary.

The Chun Li mini-figure has been stylized and features the martial artist giving a peace sign in her iconic blue fighter outfit and spike bracelets. Her signature bun hairstyle has also been exaggerated creating a fun and lively look.

Who could forget the raging menace that is Blanka? The Blanka mini-figure depicts a stylized Blanka hunched down, showing his flaming mane and wearing his broken shackles and ripped shorts. Keep an eye on this one – he’s apt to go ape at any moment.

Lastly, the Guile mini-figure features the muscular soldier standing at attention in his iconic flattop hair, green and camouflage outfit, and his military dog tags hanging from his neck. He’s ready for action and for duty.

These splendid mini-figures come packaged in a window box shaped like a classic Street Fighter arcade cabinet. Perfect for any Capcom and Street Fighter fan, these mini-figures measure about 4 to 5-inches, depending on the character.

This set contains 4 individually packaged mini-figures (subject to change):

1x Ryu
1x Guile
1x Chun Li
1x Blanka

Coming in April 2016, this mini-figure set is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, where in stock orders of $79 or more receive Free Shipping.

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Ryu Mini-figure

Chun Li Mini-figure

Blanka Mini-figure

Guile Mini-figure

Street Fighter Mini-Figures



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