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Protect the Species from Xenomorphs with This Aliens Action Figure Set

Alien Action Figures

“They mostly come at night… mostly.” Ripley returns to face her demons with these Aliens: Genocide figures. This Aliens Series 5 Action Figure Set includes four individually wrapped figures ready for play or display.

Lt. Ripley has never looked tougher with this detailed figure, wielding a weapon that is nearly half her own size, the makeshift flamethrower/pulse rife as seen in the film. She is ready to fight a black xenomorph and a red xenomorph, exquisitely designed with careful attention to detail, as seen in Aliens: Genocide.

And poor Bishop has never looked quite so bad, recreated in his bloody glory, bisected in half and barely holding on to life. The Bishop figure also comes with an alien egg and facehugger!

These seven-inch scale figures recreate the action from one of the greatest sci-fi action and horror franchises of all time. Ellen Ripley was no damsel in distress, but a common worker thrown into an intense situation who discovered how far she would go to survive. And how far was that? Instead of turning and running, Ripley turns and attacks a colony of invading aliens. This was a landmark of gender role reversals in both the sci-fi and horror genres. Actress Sigourney Weaver even garnished her first Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Ripley.

While the Alien franchise has grown, it has always had at its heart this tough female protagonist who is anything but a sidekick. NECA captures her heroics, along with the horrors of the film, in this four-figure set that is a must-have for any fan! Order yours today with free shipping from!

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Alien Action Figures



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