Take on the Evil Dead with Your Own Ashy Slashy Puppet

If genre television has taught us anything, it’s that throwing puppets into the mix is always instant comedy gold (see: Angel, The Middleman).

Now, Ash Vs. Evil Dead has followed in that fine, upstanding tradition with the most recent season – and NECA has been quick to make sure you can bring home the fun for yourself.

Whether you’re a cosplayer looking to really wow at the next convention or just a fan of the series, this Ash vs. Evil Dead Ashy Slashy Puppet Prop Replica is a must-have. Faithfully recreated from the asylum episodes of the show, Ash’s potty-mouthed felted doppelganger can now be yours!

He’s a fully-functioning working puppet: just insert your hand to move the mouth. The arms are also poseable thanks to inner articulation. Ashy Slashy measures about 15-inches “tall”, comes with his very own chainsaw hand, and sports those distinguished touches of grey at the temples just like actor Bruce Campbell.

Own your very own puppet helper in the fight against Deadite evil!




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