Doll from Neil Gaiman’s Bizarre World May Be Small but She’s Brave

coraline doll

Be careful what you wish for, unless it’s this great Coraline 10-Inch Doll Replica from NECA!

Based on the film, which is in turn based on the spooky children’s novella, Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, this doll replica takes you straight into the bizarre, sinister world Coraline finds herself in!

With big black button eyes and yarn for hair, incredible detail is poured into the doll. Her recognizable yellow raincoat is removable and there’s even a hidden wire armature so you can pose her arms and legs to prop her any way you want.

The paint deco gives eerie features to her face, as you notice the freckles, blush, and threading from her mouth across her cheeks.

Coraline may be small but she’s adventurous too and there’s nothing better than to have a buddy on your adventures! Take this doll with you wherever you go, even when you meet Other People. She’s a full sized replica – perfect for any fan.

The Coraline 10-Inch Doll Replica is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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coraline doll replica



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