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Lay Down the Law with This Awesomely Detailed Hateful Eight Action Figure Set

Hateful Eight Figures

Deep in the snowy mountains of Wyoming comes The Hateful Eight Movie 8-Inch Clothed Action Figure Set from NECA!

Tension hangs thick in the air at Minnie’s Haberdashery, as Quentin Tarantino’s newest set of lively – and hateful – characters dramatically clash.

Now you can bring home these characters for yourself! One of each character is included in this set, which sees them done up as 8-inch tall action figures, not unlike those of 1970s. Here’s who’s included:

1x Major Marquis Warren (The Bounty Hunter)
1x General Sandy Smithers (The Confederate)
1x Joe Gage (The Cow Puncher)
1x Sheriff Chris Mannix (The Sheriff)
1x John Ruth (The Hangman)
1x Oswaldo Mobray (The Little Man)
1x Bob (The Mexican)
1x Daisy Domergue (The Prisoner)

Each figure captures the likeness of the actor and includes specific character accessories as well as intricately tailored and screen-accurate fabric costumes.

The Hateful Eight is another challenging accomplishment from director Tarantino, and this set captures it wonderfully. Order your set today from Entertainment Earth with free shipping! It’s expected to arrive in March.

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