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Take the Mark 42 Suit out for a Test Flight with This NECA Iron Man Figure

NECA Iron Man

Tony Stark may have been a bit of a mess in Iron Man 3 – then again, when is he not a mess? – but he was still a hero and certified genius building the latest and greatest in weapon technology.

Okay, so he was making superfluous suits as a coping mechanism following the trauma of New York. Superheroes are (usually) human, too. And that doesn’t make the Mark 42 “Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit” any less dazzling.

NECA’s latest in its Marvel line, the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Armor 1:4 Scale Action Figure, brings Iron Man fully to life with incredible details. The impressive figure towers at 18-inches tall, making it immediately stand out in your collection, and has a removable face-plate to reveal Robert Downey Jr.’s likeness beneath.

LED lights in the Arc Reactor and Repulsor jets in the chest and palms literally make the suit glow with power. This Mark 42 Iron Man comes with 2 sets of interchangeable hands and requires 2 button cell batteries (also included).

Packaged in a window box for easy display, this Iron Man is sure to take a central place of pride in your Marvel collection. Order now and we’ll ship as soon as he arrives!

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NECA Iron Man



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