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Craftworld’s Own Little Big Action Figures


Sackboy gets the action figure treatment he deserves with NECA’s LittleBigPlanet 7-Inch Scale Series 1 Action Figure Set.

Based on the popular Playstation titles, Sackboy and Kratos stand tall as 5 1/4-inch articulated figures.

Like game play in LittleBigPlanet, you can decide Sackboy’s emotions with the Happy Sackboy and Sad Sackboy action figures. Both are articulated so you can pose them together or apart. They’ll fit perfectly into your customized collection!

Kratos comes from the hit game God of War with the figure designed with Sackboy in mind. Just like the pre-order bonus in the game, this action figure is a Sackboy Kratos. His 2 blades of Athena fit into the holster on his back.

Get NECA’s first LittleBigPlanet figures today, currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. They are scheduled to arrive in July 2015.

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