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This White & Nerdy Action Figure Is Definitely Cherry


“Weird Al” Yankovic has been a staple of comedy music for over thirty years, beloved for his pop culture parodies, elaborate music videos, and hardcore accordion medleys.

But it took 2006’s “White & Nerdy” for him to finally have a Platinum single.

Now NECA Music is commemorating that long-overdue milestone with the Weird Al Yankovic White and Nerdy 8-Inch Action Figure.

Al may not be able to roll with the gangsters, but no one can beat this champion of D&D.

Standing 8-inches tall, Al’s wearing his signature red and black WHITE & NERDY zip-up hoodie, red do-rag, sweat pants, and black shoes. He comes packaged in a window-display box so you, too, can keep your action figure collection cherry.

“Weird Al” will be rolling in on his Segway this summer, so pre-order now and we’ll send this Minesweeping whiz your way ASAP!




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