Protect Your Dome with These Game of Thrones Helmets

Game of Thrones Helmets

Hand to hand combat is a dangerous affair. One poorly timed move and you’re officially down for the count. The characters of Westeros know this all too well. Luckily, you can protect your most precious possession (your skull) with these Game of Thrones helmet prop replicas.

The Hound’s Helmet Prop Replica is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. The snarl of a ferocious beast will gaze upon them as you ride into battle. This collectible is made with wearable fiberglass and features adjustable jaws. Also included is a silkscreen wood stand embossed with the Clegane Sigil. This impressive helmet is limited to 2,500 pieces. It measures about 19-inches long x 18-inches tall.

The next helmet is beautifully crafted with intricate detail and is fit for none other than the Lord Commander himself. The Loras Tyrell Helmet Prop Replica is made of wearable fiberglass and comes with an adjustable operable visor. When you’re not wearing this impressive piece of armor, make sure to display it for all to see on the silkscreen wood display base featuring the Tyrell Sigil. This work of art is limited to 1,000 pieces. It measures about 17 1/2-inches long x 14-inches tall.

Finally, if you want to become the ultimate warrior, you’ll need the Unsullied Helmet Prop Replica. As we know, death means nothing to these fierce fighters. Now you too can wield their power with this helmet made of genuine leather and steel with an adjustable visor. Proudly show off this collectible on the included silkscreen wood stand featuring the Targaryen Sigil. This must-have item is limited to 2,500 pieces.

Also, in case we weren’t clear, all of these helmets are completely wearable! You can also add the Game of Thrones swords and shields to your collection to help you complete the full look. All of these collectibles come complete with certificates of authenticity and will be arriving May 2016. Place your order with Entertainment Earth now and receive free shipping!

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