New Bishoujo Statue Illustrations from Kotobukiya!

Kotobukiya released their Japanese Catalog for Summer and Winter 2014, which includes current and upcoming collectibles. Notable designs continue the Bishoujo Statue collection for DC Comics and Marvel.

Following the release of the Batwoman Bishoujo Statue comes a design for the magician Zatanna. The stage illusionist combines the classic magician look with the sultry assistant’s fishnet stockings and heeled boots. The design for the sculpt features Zatanna with magician’s hat and wand.

The Marvel Bishoujo line features designs for She-Hulk and Wasp. With a feminine figure and defined muscles, the design for the original Jennifer Walters She-Hulk shows off muscles in a skintight leotard that harkens back to 1980’s workout videos in the best way. Wasp’s design is delicate and flighty, showcasing Janet van Dyne as the Wasp.

Marvel’s line-up also includes an image of the painted sculpt for the youthful mutant, Jubilee. Spunky Jubilee raises an arm into the air to unleash a fiery display of plasmoids. Her classic costume gets an exciting update with blue high tops, jean shorts with an ‘X’ logo belt, pink tube top, bright yellow jacket, and shredded black gloves. She wears an ‘X’ pin on her chest and pink sunglasses on her head.

Some of the items featured in this catalog may not be available outside Japan. The Summer and Winter 2014 catalogs include products from DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Tekken, Street Fighter, Transformers, Attack on Titan, Phantasy Star Online, Godhan, Freddy vs Jason, and much, much more!

We’re excited to see the Bishoujo Statue line continue with these stunning character designs. Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!



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