Introducing the New Entertainment Earth

It’s here! The new Entertainment Earth website! In addition to a fresh new look, we’ve added a ton of great features – including improved navigation and a killer search feature. A lot changed behind the scenes, too, so here’s a quick look at what’s different with our new site.

Streamlined Shopping

That’s right! We’ve made it even simpler for you to shop on our website. The site’s Responsive Design means it’s been optimized for mobile devices.

What’s more, you now have the ability for a Saved Cart Across All Devices. Products you place in your cart on a mobile device will also be visible on your desktop computer.

Easier Searches

As you’ve probably seen, EntertainmentEarth.com is a lot easier on the eyes. What you may not have noticed is that it’s also a lot simpler to use. The new Predictive Smart Search update helps you find what you’re looking for without having to worry about misspellings, missing words, or common typos.

Even better, the new Saved Search feature lets you save your previous searches, which cuts out a few unnecessary steps and lets you instantly recall your past searches.

Better Notifications

New Product Alerts make it easier to keep up with items. We’ve even got a new email subscription feature that lets you manage all your email notifications through a single console.

You can also import your old Wish Lists, manage Multiple Wish Lists, or download your order details as a PDF to help keep track of all your purchases.

Thank You!

Finally, this new website wouldn’t be possible without our internal investment in such an amazing team or without great customers like you. Words cannot express how deeply appreciative and grateful we are for your business.



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