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New Power Ranger Movie Toys Revealed

Power Ranger Movie Toys

As the world gets ready for the reboot of the Power Rangers, a property that absolutely deserves it, we are more than ready to welcome the new Power Rangers Movie toys into our lives! Everyone is looking forward to putting 2016 firmly in our past, and 2017 is already shaping up to be an epic year thanks to the ongoing news about the upcoming movie. While the details are still leaking out at an aggravating pace about the new movie, we don’t have to wait much longer to get our hands on some awesome Power Rangers merch. You can even be one of the first to order the new items for the movie.

Power Rangers Movie Power Morpher with Power Coin

Get your hands on the Power Rangers Movie Morpher with Power Coin before the movie hits theaters. This morpher is made in the aesthetic and style of the new film and comes with the power coins of your favorite Rangers, allowing you to take on their power, at least in your mind. The power coins nestle perfectly into the morpher, displaying the color and symbol of your choice Ranger.

Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Sword

Is your favorite Ranger the Red Ranger? If so, we’ve got great news for you! You can pick up the Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Sword and get ready to face down the baddies. This power sword is awesome and colorful. It’s made to look like it came off the screen and into your eager hands.

Power Rangers Movie T-Rex Dinzord with Action Figure

The Red Ranger also comes to us in miniature size, but with maximum power with the Power Rangers Movie T-Rex Zord with Action Figure. You can be the very first to get your hands on the most amazing Zord from the upcoming movie. The T-Rex Zord comes complete with epic battle actions and a Red Ranger figure that fits right in place.

It’s time to get excited, folks. These Power Rangers Movie toys will be out very, very soon, but you can order them here first at Entertainment Earth!



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