New Toys and Collectibles: Rick and Morty, Fortnite, DC Comics, and More!

This week saw even more new statues, action figures, and accessories from Rick and Morty, Dark Knights, Fortnite, and more!

Sip in Style With These Rick and Morty Tikis

“Check it out, Morty! I’m a tiki mug. I’m Tiki Rick!” Adult Swim has already greenlighted a whopping 70 new episodes, but we’ve still got some time to kill before the galaxy’s smartest jerk and his bumbling grandson return for season 4. Fortunately, these refreshing Rick and Morty Tikis are sure to make the long wait a little easier. With Pickle Rick, Mr. Meeseeks, Evil Morty, and more, you can mix, match, and drink in style.

Rock Out With These Dark Knights: Metal Statues

These new Dark Knights figures are totally metal. So metal, in fact, that they’re actually based off Greg Capullo’s awesome art in the hugely popular Dark Knights: Metal comic series. With a total of eight planned releases, each figure stands roughly 7-inches tall and will feature their own unique bases and, apparently, interchangeable parts and pieces. The line is set to kick off with The Dawnbreaker in May, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information.

This Hellraiser 3 Pinhead Statue Is Simply Divine

As one of the most spine-tingling horror villains of all time, the Cenobites are among the most sinister (and most original) characters to ever grace the silver screen. Now, Clive Barker’s acclaimed Hellraiser series is getting a much-needed makeover courtesy of Bishoujo. First up is the hellishly awesome Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth Pinhead. With surprisingly delicate features, this feverish female fiend comes posed holding the infamous puzzle cube in a way that’s almost inviting you to try it for yourself.

Fortnite and Monopoly: A Match Made in Heaven

Move over, thimble, there’s a new game piece in town. If you like playing board games that involve not going bankrupt, and you like playing online multiplayer survival games, then you’ll love this new Fortnite Edition Monopoly. With 27 character tokens, character skins, health chips, and more, this is definitely not your parents’ Monopoly.

This Wooden Harley Quinn Collectible Is Such a Doll

Turn that frown upside down with this cute-yet-creepy Harley Quinn Wittles. Modeled after the traditional Japanese wooden kokeshi dolls, Quinn stands 4-inches tall is made entirely of wood. With impeccable artwork and an impressive 360-degree design, she’s sure to help your shelf stand out.

Celebrate the Holidays With Spongebob

Celebrate the holidays the Squarepants way with these awesome Spongebob and Patrick Vinyl figures. Straight from Bikini Bottom, Patrick comes sipping on a candy cane wearing a green-and-red scarf, while Bob comes packaged in his Santa hat bearing gifts. In keeping with the typical Funko fashion, each figure comes with their own unique window display box.



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