New Trailer for The Death of Superman Lives

Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, Nicolas Cage. What do these three names have in common? They were meant to be the core team behind Superman Lives, the film that never was. If you wish that this fantastical film were real, we’ve got some good news for you. No, unfortunately, it’s not real but The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened, a documentary behind the film, is: fan-backed and fully funded. The second trailer just landed: check it out below.

The Death of “Superman Lives” is an upcoming documentary about the proposed Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, Nicolas Cage feature film that would have been the strangest Superman film to date. Superman Lives was set to include Rainbow Robot Outfits, Braniac Skull ships, a Superman who did not ‘fly,’ a giant spider nemesis, polar bears guarding the Fortress of Solitude, and so much more. The odd combination of zany ideas was just good enough for fans to hope it would be realized. That never happened.

The documentary is the brain child of Metapocalypse director Jon Schnepp. Scnepp’s passion for telling this story shines through in his successful Kickstarter campaign, which was funded on March 10, 2013. The crowdfunding campaign garnered over $17,000 more than its original goal of $98,000. With 2,121 backers, the feature length documentary will delight Superman fans.

With the documentary in post production, unexpected issues arose and additional funds are needed. The finishing funds campaign on fanbacked is currently at 89% of its goal with 18 days left. If you want to see this documentary reach fruition, consider donating on fanbacked. The team will be live streaming from Wizard World – Chicago Comic Con this weekend to answer your questions.

With concept art, behind the scenes footage, interviews, and more, this fan documentary recreates the magic that never was for Superman Lives, which ironically did not live to see the silver screen.

Whether or not Superman Lives would have been a good film, fans can rest assured that it would have been an enjoyable film. Don’t sigh at the loss of this ridiculous Superman flick; smile at the thought that there is a feature length documentary in the works. Despite never being made, Superman Lives stands the test of time as the most bizarre Superman story to never be told.

The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened? 2nd Full Trailer



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