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These Transformers Allow for an Ever Growing Number of Combinations

transformers combiner wars

Get ready to be part of something larger than life with the Transformers Combiner Wars from Hasbro! Join forces for an even more epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

This new line from Hasbro takes Deluxe, Voyager, and Legends figures to come together and form combiner robots. Turn your robots into jets, cars, helicopters, trucks, and even a beetle! It brings a whole new level to the cosmic war between the factions of robots and it’s up to you now to decide who wins!

In robot form, the figures stand 4-inches tall but their abilities to transform make them new, formidable opponents in battle. If that’s not epic enough for you, these robots also have the ability to combine with other robots. After all, a team is stronger together than apart, and it could have devastating consequences for the Autobots and Decepticons.

The Transformers Combiner Wars are heating up and are currently available at Entertainment Earth, with slated arrivals in June.

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» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Windcharger

transformer combiner wars windcharger

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Bombshell

transformers combiner wars bombshell

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Thundercracker

transformer combiner wars thundercracker

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Powerglide

transformer combiner wars powerglide

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Decepticon Dragstrip

transformer combiner wars dragstrip

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Alpha Bravo

transformer combiner wars alpha bravo

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Skydive

transformer combiner wars skydive

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Firefly

transformer combiner wars firefly

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt

transformer combiner wars silverbolt

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime

transformer combiner wars optimus prime

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Decepticon Blackjack

transformer combiner wars

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Dead End

transformer combiner wars dead end

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Breakdown

transformer combiner wars breakdown

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Decepticon Offroad

transformer combiner wars offroad

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Deluxe Air Raid

transformer combiner wars air raid

» Pre-Order Combiner Wars Legends Huffer

transformer combiner wars huffer



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