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Celebrate the Return of Voltron with Our Top Voltron Collectibles

Voltron Collectibles

Voltron was a favorite saga during the golden age of action figures. They toys and the television show brought joy and adventure to millions of fans the world over. Now, as Voltron brings a new generation into the fold through the spot-on reboot on Netflix, it’s time to reclaim your robotic-lion roots and celebrate the return with us! The Top 5 Entertainment Earth Voltron collectibles are the perfect way to mark your place in the Voltron galaxy!

Voltron Blazing Sword Necklace


Why limit your collection to figures and toys? Carry your love for Voltron around your neck for all who would know the look of the iconic sword to see! Fashioned out of stainless steel and with red and yellow cabochon stone details, this necklace will help you channel the strength of Voltron in your everyday life.

Voltron Head Ring


Let the stern and handsome face of the Defender of the Universe stare back at you all day long. This two-toned ring based on the 1984 cartoon is stark and powerful when wrapped around your finger. Coming in a variety of sizes, you will never have to leave your love of Voltron at home!

Voltron: Defender of the Universe GX-71 Voltron Soul of Chokin Die-Cast Metal Action Figure


This stunning piece is the perfect way to mark the return of Voltron to our lives. The best-selling character in the history of the Chogkin series is decisively the coolest way to welcome VOltron into your home. Standing at 10.5-inches tall, you can break this Voltron down into his five lions! That’s right, the Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion, and Black Lion all fit together perfectly to form the powerful hero. With amazing poseability, an alternative face, and huge assortment of accessories, this is without a doubt the best iteration of Voltron to ever grace our shores!



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