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This New Wave of Robots in Disguise is a Must Have for Transformers Fans


The feud between Autobots and Decepticons has been going on for centuries, and it really couldn’t make fans happier. These perennial favorites of the collecting world were first met during the golden age of action figures in the early 80’s, but iteration after iteration has proven that these robots always were more than meets the eye. With the newest installment, Transformers: Robots in Disguise bringing the characters back to their classic roots as cartoon characters in a TV show, collectors now have a whole new avenue to explore.

The latest toys to come out of the TV series are these Transformers Robots in Disguise Warriors Wave 11. This wave features some of the favorites from the history of the franchise adapted to the modern Transformers aesthetic. The characters included in this wave are the mighty Grimlock, Skywarp, Windblade, Soundwave, and Blurr. These updated classics are superstars of the Transformers world, many of them coming at you for the first time in decades as high quality toys.

Keeping with tradition, these toys are more than meets the eye! Each toy comes with a unique code which can be used to interact with an exciting app available for most smartphones. The figures range from about 5 ½-inches to 6-inches tall and come on classically decorated cards. This tasteful mix of Autobots and Decepticons is coming very soon and is available for pre-order now from Entertainment Earth!




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